London - Homeschooling and Parent’s Legal Rights

Homeschooling and Parent’s Legal Rights

WHAT: Info session about Parental Legal right and homeschooling
WHEN: Tue. Aug 4, 2015, 10 am-12 pm
WHERE: Westmount Public Library, 3200 Wonderland Rd S, London, ON N6L 1A6
WHO: 1) Paul Faris, Attorney and president of Home School Legal Defense Association (
2) MPP Monte McNaughton
WHY: Thousands and thousands of Ontario parents are worrying about the upcoming “sex education” imposed to their children in the new school year. Many parents have prepared to withdrawal their children from the public school system and consider homeschooling.

Paul Faris, attorney and president of Home School Legal Defense Association in London area will be happy to meet with parents to do a presentation on Homeschooling, offering legal advice, and do a Q&A session thereafter. This Conference will help Parents understand the opportunity and benefits of Homeschooling , and will provide legal insight of how HSLDA will help protect parent’s rights. Note: HSLDA will not publicly vocalize direct opposition of the new sex-ed curriculum; however they will support and legally defend any parent’s right to homeschool their child.

MPP Monte McNaughton, has been fighting the new curriculum at the front line along with the Ontario parents even before the release of new curriculum. On Jun 1, 2015, he tabled petitions with 185,000 signatures of people opposing the new sex-ed curriculum to the Ontario government. He will come to London to support the concerning parents.

Please bring your friends and family to the meeting where you will explore much needed info and guidance on the options that you have in September! Please have Questions prepared beforehand.

CONTACT: Email to Parents Alliance of Ontario <>
Flyer: Invitation to Paul (Homeschooling) and MPP Monte Aug4-flyer