Say No To Irresponsible Sex-Ed

Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Oct. 1 Empty Schools Campaign

Dear All Parents and Grand Parents,

We, therefore, are calling on all the parents of Ontario to please echo Thorncliffe parents’ strike effort by leading an Ontario-wide one-day strike on October 1.

Two ten-thousand-people scale demonstrations, 185,000 petitions officially being handed to the government, numerous car-flag parades, protests at the provincial council’s door steps, proposals that pleads with the regional educational board, meetings and effort at the federal level, letters to Ontario’s premier and her minister of education, Waterloo Region’s plea to Ontario’s Minister of Education to perform signature petition proposal… with all those effort and more, however, we have been slapped with the same answer over and over again: the new sex curriculum is unstoppably moving into Ontario schools. The calls for making it a public debate by the Regional Union falls into deaf ears as well, not surprisingly.

CTV News: Why we oppose this new Sex-Ed curriculum?

John Himanen, Director of communications of PAO, is talking about why we oppose this new Sex-Ed curriculum on CTV News.

Ontario is introducing a new sex-ed curriculum and some people are not happy about it. John Himanen is with the Parents Alliance of Ontario and joined for a discussion about why he opposes the new course

Posted by CTVNewsChannel on Thursday, September 3, 2015

Who is undermining ...

August 11, 2015

Dear Premier Wynne,

Good day!

PAO(Parents Alliance of Ontario), London Chapter has been quite visible in the past six months in organizing events to have the new sex-ed put on hold for a meaningful parent consultation to take place. PAO became known to lots of parents here in London area as a result. All the questions asked by those parents came to the one in the end: "What's going to happen to our children in Sept if. the new sex-ed is marching right into our school's classrooms?"